• Welcome to Boom Training

Boom Training was established in April 2014 by Shirley Wolfe and Andrew Hooper - both of whom are senior education professionals with many years of experience managing work-based learning both in colleges and private training companies.

The sections below provide information about:

  • Our Vision, Mission and Values
  • Key Policies and Procedures
  • Services we offer

We have evolved since we launched and in essence our current aims are to:

  • Support employers of all sizes and all industries with talent management relating to both new and existing staff
  • Support Young Adults and Established Professionals with their career development
  • Specialise in supporting recruitment and training needs for office-based professions
  • Promote the benefits of the apprenticeship scheme to employers and individuals
  • Improve access to the apprenticeship scheme for employers and individuals

We are based in Southampton and our catchment area covers central southern England including, Hampshire and parts of Dorset, Sussex, Surrey, Thames Valley and East Midlands.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for Boom Training to become:

  • A medium-sized training provider with a turnover exceeding c.£2m.
  • A delivery footprint that covers central southern England, including Hampshire, Bournemouth, West Sussex, Surrey, the Thames Valley and the East Midlands.
  • A provider of solutions that meet genuine employer needs as well as supporting individual career development.
  • A specialist in office-based professional occupations.
  • Respected by employers, apprentices and other stakeholders as a provider of high quality services and training.

Mission Statement

We see our primary purpose as being twofold:

  • To provide learning and development solutions that make a meaningful difference to the performance and success of our client employers.
  • To make a significant difference to the working lives of our learners by developing knowledge, skills and behaviours that enhance their careers and enable them to develop as active citizens.


These are our core values:

  • Passion
  • Enthusiasm
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Pride
  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Diligence

These values will be reflected in the decisions that we make and the actions that we take at all times. All behaviour, by all staff, at all times will conform with these values. We will also seek to instill these values in our apprentices through their training programmes.

We have a number of policies and procedures in place that govern our operations. We ask both employers and learners to familiarise themselves with these policies and procedures and to act in accordance with them whilst working with us. Please click on the links to read the full document.

Please visit our course portfolio page to see a list of apprenticeships and qualifications we currently offer. We group our portfolio as follows:

  • Career kick-start apprenticeships: aimed at young people at the start of their working lives. These are usually offered in conjunction with a free recruitment service and provide the ideal way to bring new, young talent into your organisation.
  • Professional Development Apprenticeships: aimed at established professionals who need further development to support performance in their role. These are ideal for employers and individuals seeking a substantial programme that offers up to 100% funding subsidy by the government (or efficient use of a Levy account).
  • Boom Training and Development (BTD): aimed at those for whom the apprenticeship route isn't suitable (there are a range of possible reasons for this). BTD offers a range of nationally recognised qualifications that provide an ideal balance between the convenience of short-sharp one-to-three day courses and the in-depth experience of an apprenticeship.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please do get in touch - we are always keen to learn more about the needs of employers and individuals.

In addition to externally recognised courses, Boom Training is able to provide bespoke training programmes for individual employers. Our learning and development consultants can work with you to design a programme that meets your needs and if you have a group of staff that might benefit, this can often be an extremely cost effective way to have a major impact on a group of staff.

For more information, please fill out the contact form or call us for information and advice (it’s free).

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Contact us:
Unit 7, Centenary Plaza, Southampton, SO19 9UL
023 8000 4210 (Candidates and general enquiries)
023 8000 4209 (Employers)
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