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We are specialists in the recruitment, training and support of apprentices.  However that's not all we do!

We work with employers of all sizes and in all sectors to help attract, develop and motivate the talent you need to continually improve productivity and business performance.

In the last six years we have worked with hundreds of employers to provide a wide range of advice and training support. We continue to grow and innovate so please do get in touch using the contact form or phone number on this page. We are always happy to provide free and impartial advice.

If you'd like to read a bit more before doing so, our solutions currently include:

Recruiting and Developing New Talent

Bringing new talent into the organisation is important for all employers for succession planning and long-term sustainability. We offer two solutions to help employers acquire new talent and develop them into fully operational colleagues:

  • Apprenticeships: the government funded scheme
  • Boom Training and Development: our own commercial training solution for new recruits

You can read more about these by clicking on the buttons below or simply get in touch by using the phone number or contact form on this page.

We provide apprenticeship training in a range of subjects under the broad heading: office-based professions. We provide an end-to-end service including:

  • Advice on appropriate roles for an apprentice
  • Advice on job descriptions and person specifications
  • Candidate recruitment(we provide a free recruitment service)
  • Induction (to the apprenticeship training) and development of an individual training plan that includes clear milestones for achievement
  • A 10-week ‘Settling-In’ process to enable employers to confirm candidate suitability. This is unique to Boom Training
  • Delivery of the training programme through one-to-one tutor support – usually entirely in the workplace
  • Regular progress reviews with the employer to ensure training is meeting your needs
  • Planning and organising End Point Assessment

For more information, please click the links below:

You can also read more on the Gov.uk page: How to take on an apprentice.

For some employers, the apprenticeship scheme simply isn’t a suitable option. There are many possible reasons for this, for example programme length or the inability to release staff for training during working hours. In order to support employers in this situation, we developed Boom Training and Development as an alternative. The scheme is offered on a purely commercial basis and also offers an end-to-end service, including:

  • A recruitment service where this is required.
  • A training programme to support the development of knowledge and skills required for the role.

Other key features of Boom Training and Development include:

  • Achievement of a nationally recognised (Ofqual) qualification.
  • A fast track training programme that allows candidates to complete training, assignments and other coursework in their own time so that the programme usually lasts 7-9 months.
  • Very reduced administrative and compliance requirements compared with government funded programmes.

You can find a full list of Boom Training and Development courses here.

Alternatively, for more information and advice about Boom Training and Development, please get in touch using the contact form or phone number on this page.

Professional Development Solutions

As well as helping employers recruit and develop new talent, we have a number of solutions to help improve individual productivity and organisational performance, including:

  • Professional Development Apprenticeships
  • Boom Training and Development (qualification-based professional development)
  • Bespoke solutions

You can read more about these by clicking on the buttons below or simply get in touch using the phone number or contact form on this page.

Many employers aren’t aware that the Apprenticeship scheme can provide training right up to Master's Degree level and is open to anyone of working age right up to 65!

This makes it a fantastic way to use government funding (or an apprenticeship levy account) to finance a wide range of training programmes.

For the vast majority of employers, the cost is just 5% of the overall training cost with the government providing the other 95%.

Our Professional Development Apprenticeships cover the needs of a wide range of office-based professions up to Management at level 5 (middle/senior manager). For a full list of apprenticeships currently available, click here.

Another excellent way to improve performance is through nationally recognised qualifications. Our qualifications are delivered through a combination of one-to-one tutoring/coaching and workshops and take between 7 and 15 months to complete.

BTD programmes offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Knowledge, skills and behaviours are contextualised to the candidate's role and applied immediately in the workplace. This increases its relevance
  • Action-based learning through projects and assignments relating specifically to the role improve understanding and retention
  • Learning is embedded and retained far better when repeated and used in the workplace over a period of months (as compared with short courses where much of the learning is lost/forgotten in the weeks and months following the course)
  • Qualifications offer recognition of the achievement for the individual as well as the employer
  • Professional membership of organisations such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) mean candidates (and their employer) can benefit from membership services and continue their professional development through them
  • Minimal bureaucracy and administrative requirements (when compared with government-funded programmes)

You can see a list of quaifications available here. However this list is not exhaustive so if you don't see what you are looking for, please do get in touch for free and impartial information and advice.

Every organisation has different circumstances and different people. This means that in some cases the most cost effective solution to a training need will be a bespoke one, tailored to address an issue specific to you and your organisation. Our Learning and Development consultants can work with you to analyse the need and then develop and deliver a training programme that addresses your unique challenges. For more information about this, please get in touch using the phone number or contact form on this page.

Consulting and Advice

We have expertise covering a range of subjects, Including:

Our learning consultants can work with your senior managers to identify where there may be productivity or performance bottlenecks in the organisation. They’ll help to unpick whether these are being caused by capacity or capability issues and recommend appropriate solutions.

It is our standard procedure to undertake a detailed analysis of individual training needs before we even begin to develop a training plan. Our TNA methodically quantifies skills, knowledge and behaviour gaps so that training is focussed only on areas requiring development, not wasting time covering knowledge and skills that have already been acquired through learning or experience.

We specialise in office-based professions so it will often be the case that we are unable to help with technical/professional training requirements. Where this is the case, we have a wide range of trusted training partners already in place to whom we can refer specific requirements. And if we don’t have a partner already in place, we have mechanisms to ensure we can find someone for you fairly quickly.

We often provide advice to employers who are paying the apprenticeship levy to help them spend as much of their levy funds as possible wherever this can be done effectively to support individual and organisational performance improvement. We can help with:

  • Setting up the levy account
  • Managing and administering the levy account
  • Maximising the use of your levy funds
  • Integrating the use of your levy account into your wider learning and development strategy
  • Sourcing and connecting other specialist training providers

Case Studies



The Problem

When we started working with ECP, their main focus was training and developing two newly recruited Apprentices at the very start of their career - as this took off, ECP began to look at upskilling team members who had been identified to embark on their first management and team leading roles but needed to learn the skills and concepts to effectively manage and carry out these new roles.

The business was looking for a way to address this and improve the skills of the team across the board and teach them the knowledge, skills and behaviours they needed to succeed.

The Solution

The solution was to deliver management apprenticeships to the team which covered all of the skills and knowledge they were looking to gain.

By delivering a management apprenticeship programme, teamed with a highly experienced and supportive trainer, we were confident that the team would develop and become highly effective managers.

The management programmes offer training in: leading people, building relationships, communication and operational management, as well a raft of additional skills and knowledge conducive to being a successful manager.

The Outcome

The team rolled out the apprenticeship programme and in addition, hired new apprentices on other programmes across ECP and their sister company, Centology.

Senior HR Case Manager, Johanna Jewell commented:

"I love that Boom have a wide spectrum of qualifications. We are currently working with Boom to deliver, HR, management and customer service programmes to our team, which has helped us cover all of their development needs.

Boom have exceeded all of our expectations for an apprenticeship provider. They're professional, they care, they are motivational and they support the learners really well. I have no doubts that our learners will progress and complete their programmes well. We have 4 apprentices with boom and we will continue to use them for all of our training and apprenticeship requirements."


The Problem

We were approached by Leapfrog Internet Marketing to help them find new recruits for their business, with some specific criteria for the calibre of apprentices that they wanted to attract. SEO (or search engine optimisation) is not something that is taught at university and is still a relatively new and fast-moving industry. So, Leapfrog is a business that likes to home-grow its talent. They wanted to attract new starters who they could train in-house and would be able to learn fast and apprenticeships have enabled them to do just that.

The Solution

Leapfrog has used apprenticeships for a number of years as a way to attract and train their members of staff and they have used other providers before Boom Training. By working collaboratively, we were able to find two excellent candidates who joined the business and embarked on a Business Administration apprenticeship, alongside learning key SEO skills during their time on the job. Both apprentices have shown a keenness to progress and learn and are very good at their job.

From a management perspective, the pair have been able to get on with their learning without a need for close monitoring from Leapfrog, they have a 1-2-1 with the director each month, which enables them to update on their studies. The students have been working closely with their tutor remotely to make good headway with their courses, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Very quickly we were able to move all of our learning to an online platform and ensure that our student’s progression was uninterrupted.

The Outcome

Recruiting via apprentices has enabled Leapfrog to find staff who are keen to have a career but don’t necessarily want to go down the path of a degree. The candidates tend to be ambitious and motivated after just achieving their a-levels and by offering a job that is combined with a qualification, Leapfrog has been able to attract a higher calibre of applicants. Within 2-3 months, both apprenticeships have been excelling in their role within Leapfrog Internet Marketing, optimising websites for clients and seeing tangible results due to their hard work.


The Problem

When we were looking at our staffing requirements, we found we had a gap in skills for administration support within the organisation.

We looked at a few different options but really wanted to take on someone passionate about building skills and learning, whilst building a career with Williams Shipping, and we knew we would need external support in order to achieve this.

The Solution

Based on the criteria we were looking for, the Managing Director of the business conducted some research into training providers and Boom Training came out on top for everything we were looking for.

We approached Boom and outlined our requirements, and from there, Boom supported us with everything from reviewing the job description through to conducting the recruitment process on our behalf.

The apprentice started earlier than expected, and picked up the job role and qualification really well. As a business, we learnt that we needed to spend some time on our input into the programme and so built a proper internal training plan for our apprentice, with Boom's support. It was difficult at first as I had never had an apprentice before but it made all the difference having a great candidate and Tutor!

Part-way through the programme, Boom offered a new tutor, Natalie, and she has been fantastic, very supportive and able to calm our apprentice down and motivate her to perform well.

Natalie was able to show our apprentice that she was capable and helped her through when she was struggling. Initially we had some teething problems, but Natalie completely turned it around.

We are really happy with Natalie and Boom as a whole, and everyone has been very complimentary about her.

Boom completely understand that there's a job to be done, as well as completing the apprenticeship. which helps us align our business goals with the overall apprenticeship objectives. Natalie is extremely supportive when it comes to understanding there was a job at hand in addition to helping Emma to work to her full potential and succeed within her qualification and role.

The Outcome

Emma recently sat her endpoint assessment and she absolutely excelled, achieving a distinction. We are so thrilled with how well Emma has progressed and off the back of this, we have offered Emma a full-time position with us and will continue to support her career development with Williams Shipping.



The Problem

We already have a strong relationship with Intequal as they are also a training and apprenticeship provider but operating in different areas of our industry. We are often able to share vacancies or opportunities with each other and so when Intequal identified the need for a business administrator to help alleviate the workload on senior managers, they came to us. The training and development industry is quite unique and there are lots of rules and regulations that need to be kept abreast of and this is something that can’t be taught at university.


“We already knew that Boom Training offer a great service, from our existing relationship with them, and that the apprenticeship would be well delivered as they are experts in the area that we needed help with. We were looking to expand the business and as I was an apprentice myself (plus it’s what our business is all about) we practice what we preach.” - Ryan Way, Contracts and Compliance Manager


The Solution

Through a collaborative effort, we worked with Intequal to find the right candidate for their business. Intequal were very keen to ensure that the apprentice had the right qualities, rather than qualifications, to ensure that the person is the right fit for their business and culture.  After the recruitment process, Lucy was placed with the business and became very self-sufficient. She didn’t need a huge amount of guidance from the Intequal team, she was very proactive. 


“The programme and delivery from Boom Training were both excellent and Fiona was a brilliant tutor for Lucy, she was always on the end of the phone and we were so happy with the level of support that was provided. Everything was tailored to Lucy’s capabilities and capacity and we were able to fluctuate the delivery and support as necessary.” - Ryan Way


The Outcome

As a result of Lucy’s time during her apprenticeship, she has achieved great personal and professional success. Lucy completed her apprenticeship and passed with a Distinction. Her responsibilities within the organisation have grown and she has begun to focus on more technical aspects of the business. Intequal take the view that an apprenticeship is more than just a qualification, it is a long term investment and there will be further opportunities for Lucy to further develop into more senior roles when the time is right.


“We are so proud of what Lucy has achieved professionally and she has also just purchased her first home. It is great to see that her hard work and dedication with us has enabled this to happen. She has far exceeded our expectations and we’re really looking forward to watching her flourish with us.


“Boom work in a similar way to us and always want the best outcome for their learners and support them to achieve their best potential. They certainly did this with Lucy. Fiona was able to recognise Lucy’s drive and ambition and was able to adapt the course to complement that. It wasn’t just a case of ticking boxes, Boom really cared how Lucy progressed and made sure that she was as prepared as possible for the end point assessment.


Nothing felt rushed and Lucy finished on time (which is quite rare for our industry!) which is a real testament to Lucy’s hard work and the support from Boom. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again, or point anybody else in their direction!” - Ryan 

Client feedback

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